Players in the past NBA 2K versions have liked to play almost shirtless in the game. This popular MyPlayer option has been a difficult task in the past. In the latest NBA 2K22, it becomes easier.

Players can create customizable characters through NBA 2K 22. These characters can be made according to our own preferences, whether it is hairstyle, eye color, facial hair or physique. If we want, we can also try to scan our face into the game.

After creating the MyPlayer character, the player can start MyPlayer and then open the player story. Before we choose to play in the Neighborhood or the City, we must advance to the NCAA tournament. Many players will choose to go shirtless in the Neighborhood or the City. This thing becomes very easy depending on the scene they are playing.

If you want to Buy MT choose the shirtless option, we can do it in two ways.

For console players (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) and PC players, you need to go to the 16th floor of the Cancha Del Mar building and enter MOAT to unlock the no shirt option. After arriving at the location, the player needs to talk to the NPC wearing a red shirt near the zipline, and get the task "Don’t Forget Sunscreen." through the conversation. According to the requirements of this task, the player needs to win five consecutive park games. The park game includes two-on-two and three-on-three, and we can mix them to complete tasks. After winning the game, you can choose to take off the player's jersey.

If you are a next-generation console player, then it's even easier. First, perform the "Take Your Shirt Off" task on the ATM, and then play 25 two-on-two matches. After completing this task, the player can choose to make the player shirtless and get 1000 MVP points.


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