EA recently launched the most recent iteration of its bestselling FIFA franchise. Amongst a number of recent features, HYPEBEAST sat down with EA's lead gameplay producer, Sam Rivera, to speak about the Cheap FIFA 22 Coins introduction of HyperMotion technology, together with the leaps made in AI and therefore the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. Speaking on the latter, the gaming giant also enlisted the assistance of artist Nina Chanel Abney on a custom kit made available to players in FUT, together with a custom cover of the sport and a mural to enhance the bottom — a rooftop football court in NYC's Lower side.

Abney has become a meteoric figure within the world of art, having worked with AllRightsReserved to a recent AR installation with The Shed. Her work draws influence from her own personal experiences growing up as a Chicago partisan within the 1980s, to providing a social commentary on sexuality and racial injustice.
The Chicago-based artist describes her highly opaque flattened shapes as how to make a “synthesis of abstraction and figuration.”

Similar to spaces that Abney has worked on within the past, she sought to enchant the court by creating a vibe that might imbue the bottom as a footballing refuge. “I began by browsing the net for soccer-related imagery then began making different elements to collage,” she told HYPEBEAST. one among the challenges, she noted, was ensuring that the sector was still playable and not lost within the hits of color and shape. “I must create something that's visually impactful while considering the particular layout of a soccer field, and sometimes that process can present some obstacles,” said Abney. The result's a dynamic playing field that enhances big apple City's vibrant football culture.

Taking the sport from the streets to the console, fans also will be ready to play with Abney's custom kit within the upgraded FUT mode. A kit that features a sky-blue base, abstracted figures and checkered accents on the shoulders and rib. FIFA 22 is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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