If players want to complete the Hell's Forge quest in the game, they need to find a specific area and defeat powerful enemies.

Hellforge in Diablo 2: Resurrected serves as a hidden mission area, making it difficult for players to find it. So many Diablo 2 Resurrected Items tasks in the game may be difficult to complete. These include the Tools of the Trade quest and other tasks that involve teaming up to fight powerful enemies. If the player wants to complete the Hell's Forge quest in Act IV, they need to find the Hellforge area and fight the Boss Hephasto the Armorer.

In order to prevent Mephisto from returning and causing serious damage again, players must complete Hell's Forge. At the same time, this task is also one of the necessary steps to fight Diablo when Act IV is about to end. Players need to obtain the Soulstone obtained after defeating Mephisto in Act III, and the Hellforge Hammer dropped in this area.

If you want to get the Hell's Forge quest, Fallen Angel and the River of Flame are two steps that need to be performed. It may be difficult and confusing to find the Hellforge. Because the maps in Diablo 2: Resurrected are all randomly generated. So although the player can follow a specific path to locate the area more easily, the exact location of each game will still be different. In addition, players should be well equipped to deal with a large number of enemies. If necessary, the player can redefine the character in Diablo 2, so that perhaps a better build can be created.

To enter Diablo's lair, players need to destroy the Soulstone in Hell's Forge. In the River of Flame, players can find D2R Items the Hellforge. You can find the River of Flame at the entrance of the City of the Damned. But because the map is random, it will take some time to explore the River of Flame area.

When the player finds the Hellforge, they need to defeat the boss, Hephasto the Armorer. When he is defeated, he will drop the Hellforge Hammer which can be used to destroy the Soulstone.

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