If you are a student and have studied science in your schooling, there is a good chance of studying medicine. With the illnesses increasing day by day and people looking for more doctors, the whole world is waiting for good doctors. There will be high demand all the time. Doctors are lifesavers in tough times. They are compared to God for their service of saving humanity. So choose this noble profession and help mankind. But to do so you will have to do a degree course in Medicine, MBBS.

Where can you do MBBS?

You can do MBBS in your country but doing MBBS in Philippines would be a good idea. You will have the choice of the best colleges that are available. The cost of studying in the Philippines is lesser than the cost in India. But the curriculum is the same. Also, the medium of instruction is English. The MBBS in Philippines is equally valid in India and all over the world. This makes you eligible to work anywhere in the world. Look for colleges where there are high-quality labs. MBBS is best from an institute where you can get hands-on experience.

What will be the benefits of going abroad?

The cost of living is not very high. You have an additional benefit of learning a new language as well. You can be easily working in a multinational hospital and treat patients from a foreign country as well.If you choose to do MBBS in Philippines there will be no donation charges. There are also no security issues as there are separate hostels for both boys and girls. Food from various countries is available. You get good Indian food also. You can look for colleges with a campus in India as well. So that half your course is done on homeland and half in the other country. As a result, you will grab the best of both worlds. Going to a college where there are your schoolmates can be fun. But doing an MBBS degree from a foreign college can be life-altering.

Which is the best college for medicine?

When you decide which college to study medicine, look for the one with successful alumina. Don’t get stuck with your school friends for company. Your friends shall value having a good doctor as a friend even more when you return. So do not worry even if they get angry now. Select the option that is best for your own future. Also staying away from parents for a few years can be necessary at times for the betterment of everyone. You can always come back and practice in your own country. So if you can go abroad to study medicine then grab this chance. You can apply for a degree at UV Gullas College of Medicine.

How to select a good college?

There are many aspects that you must keep in mind when you make this decision:

1- The name of the college will be there for a lifetime on your degree. So why not have the name of a premier college like UV Gullas College of Medicine.
2- It must have best in class labs and hands-on experience.
3- Faculty teaching there must be well qualified and experienced.
4- The facility for hostel and food must be very good.
5- The curriculum must be accepted worldwide.
6- The fee must be well affordable.
7- There must be no security issues.
8- Alumina having placement in the best institutes.
9- Good options for a master or post-doctorate course as well.
10- The specialized hospital is attached for practice during an internship.
11- Campus in multiple countries, like the UV Gullas College of Medicine.

So what will be the added benefits of going abroad?

You will be a foreign return doctor. They have more value in the market. Knowing more languages will make you a better candidate at serving in a hospital with multinational patients. You can also be working in other countries as the degree is equivalent everywhere in the world. You can pursue a masters degree or do post-doctorate specialization as well. You can get a good job in a well establishedPharmaceutical company under their research and development team. There are endless opportunities for the innovation of medicines and vaccines.