Due to the lack of attention from publishers to TBC's Brewfest event, WoW Classic players have been very dissatisfied with Blizzard recently.

Generally speaking, seasonal events should be very interesting and limited-time events, during which players can obtain a variety of rare items and loot. Brewfest provides players with the opportunity to obtain the legendary Brewfest Ram, but the current event is not going well, and Blizzard interrupted the event.

According to the official release, Brewfest was originally scheduled to last until October 6th in TBC Classic, but when players landed in the game on October 4th, they suddenly discovered that the event had ended. In the first few days of Brewfest, players were also affected when they were collecting coins for special mounts, which prevented them from saving money. At that time, Blizzard and other third-party websites that included Dexerto reported that the event would continue until October 6.

However, when the players landed in the game on October 4th, they still thought that there were still a few days to collect coins, but they found that the event was over. Therefore, many people are very upset.

However, when the WOW TBC Classic Gold players shared their thoughts on the Blizzard forum, their developers seemed to realize the error, and they had restored the incident to the original time. Brewfest is back on track.

After that, World of Warcraft officially restored the launch time of Brewfest to before 23:59 server time on October 5. However, the hours missed during this period cannot be compensated, but I believe those players who have been struggling to earn coins should have successfully unlocked Swift Brewfest Ram or Great Brewfest Kodo.

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