When dealing with the enemy, many players find that they cannot cause so much damage to the enemy in return, so they think that their level may not be high enough. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Under normal circumstances, they should consider using their POE Currency and the POE items they own to improve their equipment.

Now if the player is considering improving their equipment, then first they need to check the recipes of some suppliers. Players need to understand certain formulas to make full use of POE production. For example, players can obtain scroll shards, transformation shards, and change shards by selling white, blue, and identified magic items separately. Finally, selling three POE items of the same basic type will provide players with POE Currency .

Use these recipes to make smart scrolls, which can help players identify items. Then, players can use the newly acquired Transformation Orb and Transformation Orb to make magic items and re-roll the magic item modules respectively. Alchemy Orb is one of the more efficient POE Orbs because it can turn ordinary items into rare items.

Players may find this a confusing moment at the beginning of the Path of Exile game, especially when trying to figure out why they are trying so hard to overtake their opponents. However, don't be afraid, improving equipment will make a big difference. Players should not care too much about their level, POE Currency Buy to make these new upgrades, and let yourself become a powerful force in the world of Path of Exile.