If you want to know how to earn more FIFA 22 Coins in FIFA 22 FUT, then you can browse this article. What you need to know is that coins are very important for signing the best player in FUT.

Players usually want to build a strong team with the best players so that they can win more games. And gold coins are essential to forming a good team, because we need to spend a lot of gold coins to sign some of the best players in the game. We can earn coins in many ways, which will make Ultimate Team a completely new experience.

In FIFA 22, if you want to get more coins, then the least thing is that you don't spend them randomly. Since previewing packs is back in FIFA 22, we can preview one Gold Pack and one Silver Pack every day. So you can choose to spend coins when there are some valuable items in the preview, but try not to spend gold coins on the gold bag. There are many Cheap FUT 22 Coins ways for us to obtain gold packs in FIFA 22. If we cannot guarantee that we can obtain high-value player cards through these gold packs, then spending gold coins on these gold packs is likely to bankrupt us.

In addition, in Ultimate Team, players can earn a small amount of gold at the end of each game regardless of whether they win or lose. If we perform better, we will get more gold coins so that we can accumulate gold coins quickly. And as the milestones are reached and the season progress is completed, the gold coin bonus will be unlocked. We can regularly participate in squad battles and division rivals every week, so that we can earn more coins. By winning these games, we can get better rewards.

Of course, if you have players who do not need or are not suitable for the team, you can also sell them to earn coins. It is also a good way to buy a valuable player from the transfer market and then sell him for profit.

Or when the manager of the team is of no value to the team, players can sell the manager to earn some easy coins. In addition, if the players in the transfer market are already equipped with chemical consumables, then we don’t have to buy chemical consumables separately.

Finally, buying FIFA 22 Coins on relevant platforms is the fastest and most convenient way to obtain coins. If you currently plan to buy FUT 22 Coins, you can browse UTnice. This is a reliable platform that provides  FUT 22 Coins with favorable prices for a large number of FIFA series game fans for a long time.