New characters in Diablo 2: Risen show up at the Crashed Thug Encampment. It takes a lot of time and effort to earn even a hundred D2 resurrected gold coins. So when the equipment comes up for sale for over a thousand gold, players may mistakenly try to save money and make the big purchase.

But almost all purchases at this point will be replaced within a level, as enemies begin to increase the quality and level of dropped gear as players progress through the story of Diablo 2: Resurrected. That's not to say every penny has to be pinched. There are several smart purchases in Act 1 that help with the rest of the game.

Akara - Tome Of Town Portal
Diablo 2 Risen buys Tome of Town portal in Akara
Cost: 350 gold
Contains the city portal scrolls
Whether activating legacy mode or not, Akara will always be in the south-right corner of the camp. This is important because she sells many of the items on this list. This first one is a Tome of Town Portal that comes with two Scrolls of Town Portal, but, more importantly, it contains up to twenty scrolls. This item takes up only two places in the player's inventory, saving a total of eighteen places for other equipment.

Akara - Tome of Identification
Diablo 2 Risen buys identity book from Akara
Cost: 360 gold
Contains identification scrolls

Like the Tome of Town Portal, the Tome of Identifier will save eighteen inventory slots by containing twenty Identification Scrolls. It also comes with four ID scrolls included with the purchase. During the journey to find the underpass in Act 1, players will surely pick up several magical items that need to be identified. Deckard Cain will eventually identify magical items for free, but it's not yet available. Even once it is available, it is more convenient to identify objects on the spot.

Akara - Keys
Diablo 2 Risen buys three keys from Akara
Cost: 135 gold
Unlocks locked objects

Do not buy more than one set of three keys from Akara. By the end of Act 1, players will have more keys than they could possibly want and will likely sell them in stacks of twelve. However, there will be a few locked chests before players find their first key, so a purchase should do the trick.

Charsi - Repairs
Resurrected Diablo 2 Repair Gear with Charsi
Cost: Varies
Repair all non-ethereal equipment
Especially in the early stages, weapons and armor will wear out quickly and players who don't repair them will either have to hope for better gear or equip themselves with inferior gear they find. These are two nasty options. Find Charsi in the northeastern part of the camp and have him repair all of his gear between adventures.

Gheed - Gambling and gambling
Diablo 2 Resurrected Choose which item to buy on a bet with Gheed
Cost: Varies
Give a chance to a legendary item
Keep in mind that all gear gained with Gheed, even Legendary gear, will be obsolete by the end of Act 2. However, Andariel, the final boss in Act 1, is often considered the boss. toughest in the game. If there is any equipment that is not quite up to par, play with Gheed in the northwestern part of the camp until you get suitable equipment for a difficult challenge.