We can all agree that arts are one of the underrated subjects, the other being agriculture. Still, we are responsible for it because we overlook the importance of skills and emphasize science and commerce. It results in children losing interest in arts, which has been going on since ancient times. So we, as New Choudhary Public School Jaipur, are here to make children retake an interest in arts.

The importance of arts for children

Here we list the benefits of arts that we at Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School) shortlisted for you.


This point is an obvious one: the arts boost creativity in your child. In art classes, children get better freedom of expression than math and science, unless the classes are at Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School), but that’s a different story.

In art class, the teacher will ask children to repeat a monologue differently, draw a memory representing a picture, or create a new musical tune. Additionally, children who can think creatively now will do so in the future, too, without problems.

Improved academic performance

Arts subject boosts creativity and academic performance; your child will put the art skill into other subjects, gaining many benefits.

As per the reports, children who learn arts will get more recognition in competition than the ones who take skills seriously. This duration is 3 hours per day in 3 days per week for a year.    

Motor skills

This point applies to younger children who do drawing and painting or play music. You should know that everyday things like holding a paintbrush or filling crayon colors into paper are essential in nourishing your child’s motor skills.

As per the reports, children aged three should draw circles and use safety scissors, while about four-year-old children should draw a square and cut straight lines with scissors. 

Confidence: While getting expertise in any subject will boost your child’s confidence. Arts has a particular approach to this. Like, climbing the stage and singing can give your child a chance to step out of the comfort zone. Not only that, your child will continuously increase self-confidence while tracking own progress. 

Visual learning: Especially for younger children, drawing, painting, and sculpting can help nourish optical-dimensional skills. According to experts, your child needs to learn more about the world than facts. Arts teaches your child how to interpret, criticize, use visual data and make choices based on it.   

Decision making: Arts toughens problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Learning how to make decisions and choices will stay as your child grows up and will be beneficial as your little one becomes a fine young man.


Arts is a challenging subject, and so it will develop a sense of perseverance in your child. All your child requires to do is practice hard and never give up, and one day it will be fruitful.

This mindset will be helpful as your child grows up, as, in careers, continuous improvement and learning are essential. Even Kakashi Hatake said a brilliant quote about teamwork and perseverance, seriously look it up.   

Focus: As you endure through painting, singing, or drama in the Arts School In Jaipur, the focus is vital. It is also essential in classroom learning and career.

Collaboration: Many of the art topics, such as band, choir, or drama, require your child to work with other children. Children must be responsible and compromise to reach a common goal. Your child will learn that teamwork is vital for the group, even if someone else gets the lead.


Your child will learn that taking accountability for mistakes is essential. As a result, your child will accept mistakes and take responsibility. We know that mistakes are a part of life that makes us better, and arts teach your child just that.