World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade brings a lot of new content to WoW Classic. In the game, players are keen to improve the level and abilities of the characters they create. In addition, maybe they need to find a way to get their own flying mounts.

To obtain a flying mount, you must first reach level 70 and collect the required number of WOW TBC Classic Gold for the flying mount. You also need to obtain flying skills that can be used in both the normal version and the epic version. In the former, the player can fly in the air at a speed of 60%. In the latter, the player can fly in the sky at a WOW Classic TBC Gold speed of 280%. The speed difference between the two is very big. But in fact, the normal speed is slower than the maximum speed installed on the ground. The prerequisite for obtaining flying mounts is to accumulate WOW TBC Gold for them.

The Burning Crusade provides players with some great flying mounts. Among them, the drop of the Kael’Thas Sunstrider boss, the Ash of Al-Al is worth noting. If the player gets it, believe that the ashes of the Al’ar mount will become your best flying mount.

The TBC Classic Mount is an amazing phoenix. It is also Kael’Thas’ pet. On it, we can see its beautiful colors, its flame wings and the traces of fire behind it. But at the same time, its drop rate is also very low, only 1.7%, so you have to be lucky to get it. And this is a very difficult battle, so it's best to prepare for multiple battles to get this rare mount.

We need to spend WOW TBC gold to acquire the skills needed for flying mounts. This may sound simple, but we still need to spend a lot of effort in order to get the mounts we want. The price of these flying mounts is usually very high, so we need to accumulate a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold.

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