The Gates of Oblivion adventure on The Elder Scrolls Online has been going on for a long time. Although some players were lucky to pass those difficult levels, they did not pass perfectly. A good deal of loot and ESO Gold not collected completely, not to mention those players who are still struggling in Black Drake Villa Dungeon. The former owner of the dungeon was Durcorach the Black Drake. In this mansion, the most important task for players is to find an artifact.

When players enter this mansion, they will find that the aborigines there have long since disappeared, replaced by those ugly goblins and monsters. But for many novice players, the journey from the square outside the mansion to the inside of the mansion makes it very difficult for them to pass through. Because there are many enemies entrenched outside the gates of the mansion, smart players can find some shortcuts to avoid the attacks of these monsters or team up with other players to enter the mansion after heavy fighting.

Only players with Flames of Ambition DLC may enter Black Drake Villa dungeon. To get more permanent ownership, players can use Crowns to purchase the Ambition of DLC game pack. The price of the basic DLC kit is 1,500 Crowns. Or they can buy a variant of the 4,000 Crowns collector’s suit. The latter version comes with more additional features.

After the players meet the conditions of the two acquisition methods, they can do the task. They first navigate to the story section in the favorites menu and then select Dungeon DLC. When the Black Drake Villa option highlighted, they must choose Accept Quest. Now that the Burning Secrets mission has activated, it’s time to enter the dungeon. It is on the Gold Coast northwest of Kvatch. Players can use the Dungeon Finder tool to Buy ESO Gold, either directly teleport from the map, or walk directly to the entrance.

If the players' financial strength is acceptable, they'd better buy some ESO Gold to improve their character's attributes before accessing Black Drake Villa Dungeon, which is more secure.