In World of Warcraft TBC Classic, many PvE players will play Fury Warriors. This specialization has a very good effect against powerful bosses. It is highly recommended that each team be equipped with some Fury Warriors, they can cause a lot of damage to monsters in battle. Continue reading this article and you will learn about the most useful WOW TBC Gold attributes for Fury Warriors.
On this page we are going to be covering how Fury Warriors should prioritize their stats and that we then explain why each stat is where they're in our Priority List.
9% Hit Chance
Expertise (6.5%)
Critical Strike Rating
Strength/Attack Power
Hit Rating
Hit Rating (9%) – Reaching 9% Hit Chance (142 Hit Rating) your special attacks will never miss. Precision helps alleviate a number of this by increasing your chance to hit by 3%.
Expertise (6.5%) – Reaching 6.5% Expertise will eliminate your chance to own your attacks dodged. Your attacks should still be parried if you select to attack an enemy from the front since bosses cannot parry attacks that come from behind. due to this, it's recommended that you just remain behind the boss whenever possible. confine mind that with Weapon Mastery, this number is now reduced by 2%.
Critical Strike Rating – Increasing our Critical Strike Rating (And subsequently the Critical Strike Chance) will increase our potential damage output. With Cruelty, our Critical Strike Chance is increased by 5%.
Strength/Attack Power – Attack Power increases the number of harm your attacks deal. While you'll hunt down pieces with direct Attack Power, it should Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold be noted that Strength provides 2 points of Attack Power per point, while Attack Power provides 1 Attack Power per point.
Hit Rating (28%) – after we reach 9% Hit Chance, our special attacks will not miss our target. However, so as to confirm our white attacks (auto-attacks) never miss, we must achieve a complete of 28% Hit Chance. Precision does help this goal slightly.
Note: In future phases, Fury Warriors may hunt down pieces with Armor Penetration and Haste Rating. Armor Penetration won't generally be found on equipment until Phase 3 comes around - as an example, the Onslaught Armor Set carries Armor Penetration thereon.
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