Bethesda Softworks announced that Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands will be released on all current game platforms next month. Players on PC/Mac and Stadia will get the head start of the DLC on November 1st, while the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions will be available on November 16th in a few ESO Gold.

ESO fans will Buy ESO Gold to enter Deadlands for free. Players must participate in the ongoing Blackwood bounty activities and work together to increase the overall progress of the community. Once it reaches 100%, the place of death will be provided for free. Players must have the latest Blackwood chapter to participate in the Bounties of Blackwood event.

For fans who have been eagerly looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands, this news should be very exciting, although fans on the console may be a little disappointed by the longer wait. In any case, the ending seems to be here! The game developer called the conclusion an action-packed 20-hour finale, because fans are working hard to stop Dagon's plan. Judging from its sound, there should be a lot of content when it drops!

Players will explore many interesting new areas, as well as some areas that fans of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are obviously familiar with. Burn is an area covered by flames, and The Sever is an area where players will encounter strong storms and strong winds. Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands will also introduce players to a new city called Fargrave. So let us look forward to it together! I will continue to publish related content in the future, please pay attention to us.