There are many real-world uses of the Air Quick Coupler that have evolved from their high-pressure origins. Below are a few examples:

Medical devices and in vitro diagnostic equipment. Many fluid handling applications for medical devices require minimal air inclusion for accuracy and procedural efficacy. Some devices also require the ability to disconnect tubing without drips or spillage to prevent contact with hazardous fluids and to maintain a safe and clean environment. Analytical equipment used for diagnostics in laboratory or patient care facilities require the same drip-free disconnect to maintain media integrity, prevent contact with biohazards and maintain a safe working environment.

Ink management. Whether ink is water-based, solvent-based or UV curable, any spillage is a problem. Like water-based inks, solvent-based inks leave a mess but can also have noxious fumes. Because UV inks only dry under exposure to UV light, small spills wiped up with rags continue to stay wet long after cleanup. Non-spill connectors help keep ink in the system — eliminating the mess at the source — so ink never comes into contact with users or equipment components.

Liquid cooling of electronics. Non-spill couplings are ideal for use in liquid cooling applications. By reducing spillage of water or coolant to near zero, server rack technicians can confidently connect and disconnect couplings without fear of drips that can damage or destroy equipment. Color coding helps prevent misconnection between hot and cold lines. The latest design features ensure long-term functionality that accommodates prolonged static connections.


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