If you accidentally sell your high-value gold card, or an Icon card, you must be very upset.

However, the FIFA 22 Coins fact is that most of us have done this. This situation may be caused when we are clearing some useless players.

FIFA 22 is no different for some people. Heung-min Son, Phil Foden, Ones to Watch Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the most precious cards this year.

But if you happen to something bad like this, don’t feel too frustrated. Because there are ways to retrieve these precious players or items.

Buy FUT 22 Coins

This requires players to log in to the FIFA Web/Companion App, then select the club, and then go to the quick sales recovery, you can use the provided calendar to find the day of your quick sales. After that, select the items you want to restore so that these items will be moved back to your Cheap FIFA 22 Coins team. But it should be noted that the number of gold coins in the player's account must be the same as the number of gold coins they initially received. Finally, go to your unallocated tab and you will see that your players are back and the coins are also deducted.

Is this step very simple? Therefore, if you reverse the mistake of quickly selling the player you really want to keep, you can use this method to find it back. I hope this guide can be of some help to you. Later, we will share more game news and tips for you.

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