As we all know, New World was welcomed by many players when it was released, but two weeks after its release, the ratings of New World on Twitch dropped significantly. This may be related to the fading of the hype surrounding Amazon MMO. Large-scale MMO releases are rare, so when Amazon Game Studio’s New World was launched on September 28, it was safe to say that there was a lot of hype surrounding the game.

The number of concurrent players on Steam reached a peak of 900,000 at the time of launch, and the community is eager to enter the world of Aeternum and begin their adventure. Although some people complained that the queue time was too long, the overwhelming popularity of this game was reflected on Twitch, and the game's category topped the list on the platform for several days.

However, two weeks after its launch, the initial excitement began to Buy New World Coins fade, and the game's ratings took a major hit. Despite the incredible start of Twitch, New World's ratings have dropped significantly in the past 7 days. According to SullyGnome, the average number of viewers and viewing time for New World dropped by more than 58% in the past week. Not only that, the highest number of viewers in this category reached 331,000, a decrease of 66% from the 650,000 reached in the previous week.

Although these statistics indicate that people's interest in Amazon's new MMO has declined, but considering the level of hype that the game received when it was released, this was expected. Although these numbers will certainly not bring growth to New World on Twitch, with the establishment of a dedicated player base, the audience statistics may soon stabilize. In mid-October, more than 400,000 concurrent players continued to play the game, and there is certainly no reason to worry about the health of the game.

It is obvious that Amazon Game Studios will need to launch some new content in the near future to keep New World Coins players interested and return to the world of Aeternum. By the way, the professional team of NewWorldCoins is composed of experienced players, collecting New World Coins with extremely high efficiency and selling them at low prices. If you want to save money to buy more New World Coins, then NewWorldCoins will be your first choice.