One of the main reasons Elder Scrolls Online is still so popular six years later is its unique chapter system. These annual expansions do not require players to reach the highest level to enjoy their ESO Gold, which means that anyone who purchases them can instantly access dozens of hours of fresh content. Of course, some content is usually designed for advanced characters, such as trials, which is the most difficult form of PvE. But players don't need to run around killing boars to upgrade their character expansion before new characters.

Just like Skyrim, players can travel as they please in Elder Scrolls Online. This is not to say that progress is not rewarded. Acquiring new equipment and learning new skills will still make players stronger, but it's nice to see an MMO that is so friendly to casual players.

Players can also become premium ESO Plus members and can access all of these content (excluding Blackwood) without a separate purchase. Joining the premium service is not mandatory, but it does come with some in-game privileges.

There are many forms of PvP in Elder Scrolls Online, but Battlefield and Cyrodir are the two main attractions. At the same time, Cyrodiil was a large-scale conflict. Hundreds of players attacked the castle, arranged siege equipment, repaired damaged buildings, and slowly occupied the map. This is a very interesting experience, and it will get better with age, although players may want to wait until they reach a higher level to join the action. At the very least, they should have a few veterans around them, otherwise it is easy to be eliminated by a high-level opponent.

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