Last year, Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic both experienced some serious lineup changes. RNG succeeded by shifting the offense to the top lane and won the game in the Spring Split and MSI. And they also qualified for the World Championships during the regional competitions.

FNC also adjusted their strategy, and they focused more on the jungle. After the FNC eliminated NIT, MSF, G2, and RGE in the summer game, they entered the final from the loser group. They eventually won second place and won a place in the world competition.

As the champion of this year's MSI, RNG hopes to win this game. However, looking back at their performance in the summer, whether they have the stability to win at this level is questionable. Because they lost 1-3 to LNG in the summer playoffs, they were eliminated in the third round. In addition, the recent weakening of the hero Lucian may cause the RNG top laner Xiaohu to be slowed down during the laning phase.

RNG has played against many LEC teams in the world in the past few years. They lost to G2 in 2018 and were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

FNC is likely to beat RNG again in this rematch. Although DJ Esports believes that the chance of FNC winning is 2.938, it seems that there will be an upset.

PNG relies heavily on the WOW Classic TBC Gold pressure from the road to push their offense and create opportunities for them. Xiaohu usually beats his competitors, and he often gets help from his support player Ming, who often wanders on the road. This may cause the bottom laner Gala to be suppressed by the opponent in the early stages.

Because of this, the odds of RNG getting the first dragon look much lower. According to the analysis of DJ Esports, RNG's first dragon rate in the past 25 games is only 48%. The FNC has reached 76%, so FNC seems very likely to win the first dragon.

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