Da Vinci DC100, a future electric motorcycle

China DaVinci dynamics, a technology start-up, officially launched its first electric motorcycle: Da Vinci DC100, providing users with the smoothest, safest and most pleasant electric motorcycle driving experience.To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

DaVinci DC100 is a forward-looking coffee racing car with simple design, excellent performance and easy handling. According to the manufacturer, as an electric motorcycle, DaVinci DC100 has powerful performance, which is comparable to 1-litre motorcycle (1000 CC class). In addition, it is a dynamic two wheeled robot that provides an optimized, intelligent and enthusiastic driving experience.

It has many advanced sensors and electronic systems designed to make the motorcycle as safe and efficient as possible. DaVinci DC100's advanced sensors allow you to track information, including ambient temperature, tilt angle, speed and acceleration, load, terrain type, and any difference between wheel speeds. Electric motorcycles use gyro sensors to determine factors such as pitch, tilt angle and even deflection. This data is used to accurately adjust how your power is transmitted to ensure optimal performance under all conditions.

All these functions, as well as the battery and power system of the motorcycle, are located under the heavy body, which makes the DaVinci DC100 have futuristic aesthetics. In terms of performance, the DaVinci DC100 has a maximum power of 100.75 kW (137 HP) and a maximum torque of 850 nm. The load of DC100 is very easy to access.

The motorcycle uses ternary lithium battery with high energy density. The battery is compatible with high-voltage platform and has high-speed charge and discharge capacity. It can use three-stage fast DC charging to provide 0% to 100% charging in about 30 minutes.

DaVinci introduced driving assistance technology into new models to achieve soft start and low-speed operation. When the driver selects "d" in "transmission", the motorcycle starts to run automatically at the speed of 7 km / h. Through the integrated vehicle control system, DaVinci DC100 provides instantaneous acceleration at each turn and provides simple and optimal braking balance to improve safety and control.

Unlike the complex control of traditional motorcycles, the DC100 combines parkassist and slope assist to ensure that the driver can easily reverse even on a slope, and optimize balance and energy recovery.