he Guide: As you OSRS Items observe, these groups of merchants pick items every day to buy. They then wait for a certain amount of time to sell the products at a greater price.
What are these leaders of clans taking a look at? What is the best way to decide which items are most appropriate for merchandise? It's very simple. Jagex has the answer. Visit the Grand Exchange section of this website. In this section of the runescape website, you can see various things, including the increasing and dropping prices of the current in-game runescape market.

Most likely, the 'Price Drops section will be the one you'll be looking through. This is where you'll find the top products to sell. It is the most simple and reliable method of earning money. Other players also know about it. The more you buy and more other players buy more, the more the profit rises.

Here are some basic tips for making the most of the Top 100 biggest item drops. It's important to be aware of things like "air runes", which are too many available to purchase for yourself. Reserve your money for specific items such as armor or ores fish(raw as well as cooked) along with other basic items.

You should make sure that the product you're searching for has diminished in price only daily and monthly. Ignore any item that was reduced in price for more than 180 days ago. As I have lost a lot of money for items that have dropped by more than 4% over the last seven days, I'll never buy them.

Special Items(Usually not marked on the top 100) There are some special items like specific types of fish, or ores aren't often seen in the top 100 list because as they do decline at a rapid rate, it's not enough to be found on the list. Merchant clans are where they make most of their income. They spend approximately an hour looking up the prices of items that were well-known in the past for rising from rock bottom in three days.

You can use the internet to find these items (I will provide an overview for anyone who is interested) or you can use an application that will find the most popular merchandise for the week. (Have only seen one and it's on my computer because it's homemade lol) These kinds of items are hard to find even though they're considered mostly as essential items such as food or "skilling products." Here is a list of what I find to be the best things to merch over short periods of time. Just invite your friends on board to assist you in raising prices by purchasing more of one type of an item!

My personal top ten list, which I merchwith... I'm only giving this information to you because I'm done with runescape selling as I'm focusing on spending all of my money on skills now. Best of luck! :huh: (Oh and sorry for posting this in the wrong place and move it to the right location if you have to)

I'm not able to identify the female voice. I don't know what the person who is behind the door might be, perhaps somebody from Zaros. I'm just hoping it's someone interesting and there's a reason for it, not just a "Here's a new boss. Strike, fight, and kill. Update

I'm hoping that the boss uses the random Dungeon Generator. In terms of collaboration, why can't they have a mechanic that disables one player and another player must save them? It's the simplest method. In reality, when they employ a random dungeon generator it would need to have a max level for any of the challenges that way you won't have to deal with issues in dung, when half of the dungeon gets cut off due to one door.

I believe that the disabling concept would be awesome and would be in line with the notion of collaboration. If they were for example to use To'kash's deep freeze technique but make it so it targets only one player at a time, and has a long period where it does not melt (Not indefinite, but when caught on your own, there's a chance to escape) that would force players to at least work in a team consisting of two.

For bosses that are more difficult, I can see them throwing in lots of Dung style bosses in the future where there are little things you need to accomplish to win. Certain bosses will likely be less efficient than others (Lexicus is one that comes to my mind) however I believe that changing the tactics used to take down bosses is a great step towards more interesting boss fights.

Jagex And The Dangers Of A Half-Assed Wildy

With all the recent uproar over the revival of the wilderness, I'll take a more indepth look at what this could mean to the game, and how the new rules that have been introduced in the past few years will clash with what we now call "the wild" and the problems that this creates.

Let's begin with the wilderness boundary. Prior to 2007, there was no safe zone. This is the most important element of the current wilderness layout. There are safe zones. Although you may argue that these should not be removed, they do disrupt any currently pvp battles. They encourage players to move into safe zones, as well as focus on fighting within the zone.

This is a detriment to the goal of an ungoverned zone by imposing restrictions on it. The issue is whether we will get a new redesigned wilderness like the one we have seen in the past or the one we currently encounter in BH worlds. Another problem is the current activities that are taking place within the wilderness. Which do they choose? And what impact could it affect the wilderness?

Personally, I'm in favour of moving all minigames (Clan Wars FOG, Clan Wars and closing off Deamonhiem) to a various locations, but where it gets tricky are the 3 quests. The Defender of Varrock and Summer quest line both contain large chunks of the wilderness. If we assume that the quests will stay, I believe it would be best to instancing the entire quest. What do I mean? As soon as you meet the point of beginning your quest or enter he wilderness as part of he defender of varrack story you are completely on your own with no player interaction. This would change the story slightly, but it won't alter the quest too much.

I think Buy RS3 Gold Dragons, armoured Zombies, Chaos Ele and the similar should remain the same, the most effective training location in the game should be somewhat risky! But the Corporeal beast is a fascinating point, while I'm sure it's enjoyable to send runners crashing to the cave the boss's mechanic is unique in RS in that you will be able to bank a variety of times due to the extremely risky nature. The entrance might be more appealing, because it's just above level 20 (telecut off point).