Since Amazon launched New World a few weeks ago, it has stated that their top priority is to launch the server transfer feature. This way players can jump into other New World Coins worlds without being locked into the first world they choose.

Amazon said that they have tested the last part of the server transmission system and are ready. They have made a difficult decision to keep it until next week. They hope to inform players of the expected date so that they can reach a balance when deployment is interrupted during peak periods. They are researching this feature every day to achieve the estimated date, but if the feature is released now, it means shutting down and changing the server according to the transfer, and the difference in the list may affect the ongoing war. They hope that players can do more discussion on how their team introduced the transfer function in more details.

One of the main problems with the upcoming server transfer feature is what Amazon initially said that players can transfer between regions of the world. But currently players can only transfer in their area. This may become a big problem that separates many groups, but we don’t currently know the details of how server transfers will work.

If the player is currently playing New World on a different server from their friends, the release of this new feature will allow players to realize their desire to play with friends in other regions.

This server transfer feature may eventually be launched in this book, and at the fastest, it may be released before Friday. So if you are looking forward to the release of this feature, please wait and see.

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