The over-consumptive holiday season is around the corner, and many people end up gifting items that are left unused or unloved. Some of them are passionately used but pose a threat to the environment. Gifts made of plastic are particularly harmful to the environment. Depending on the type and material combination used, it can take almost two hundred to five hundred years to decompose. It is high time you begin thinking about eco-friendly gift ideas and be happy about creating and supporting a better world.

Do something special this holiday season and gift your loved ones zero waste gifts, sets made with sustainable materials, green gold, etc. This can encourage loved ones to go green and help support people and our planet. 

Green Gifting Guide: Know About the Eco-Friendly Gift Options

Let us look at the various choices of eco-friendly gift ideas available:

  1. Recycled Candles

Pure soy candles will captivate the receiver with their earthy notes of sage and the fresh aroma of thyme. Once used, you can plant the remains and grow your very own thyme garden. This is one of the most productive and functional gifts you can give to your friends and family.

  1. Gift a Paradise of Plants

What could be more eco-friendly than an air-purifying plant – help your loved ones convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and gift them something to nurture, cherish, love and enjoy. Some of the best plant pots you can gift during the holiday season are indoor plants like money plants, rubber plants, areca palm and fiddle-leaf figs.

  1. Recycled Cotton Journals

These journals are one of the best gifts you can give to a student or even a working professional. These handmade journals, which are hand-bound and hand-stitched, are made from 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper.

  1. Tote Bags

Reusable bags are some of the best gifts that continue the cycle of giving. A tote bag is highly functional, aesthetic, dazzling and versatile. You can carry one to the gym, for shopping, college, or just for buying groceries. These multi-purpose bags look classy and reflect your concern for the sustainability of the environment. A tote bag is surely one of the most recommended eco-friendly gift sets.

  1. Recycled Iron Lanterns

Partially recycled iron sheets are used in creating aesthetic metal candle holders that spread positivity, light and happiness when the light flickers through its intricate cut-out patterns.

  1. Sustainable Leaf Lamps

Adopt environmentally sustainable gifts across home furnishings by gifting lamps that are crafted by using sustainably harvested materials like leaves that are plucked gently from a living tree without causing any harm.

  1. Rethread Throws

This is a remarkable gift made from recycled clothing, which is separated and spun by hand into new threads. The threads are rewoven and over-dyed on jacquard looms that are used to make soft, lightweight products like bags, socks, stoles and scarves. These serve as a perfect gift for modern women who care about the planet.

  1. Gift a Pet

You all understand how so many pet dogs, cats, horses, cows are abandoned every day. The best way to make people happy and give them something they will cherish is by gifting them a beautiful pet that will surely change their lives.


Arm yourself with sustainable, eco-friendly gift sets resulting in waste and emission reduction. It is not the cost but the sentiment behind gifting that matters, and eventually, you mustn’t gift less but gift smart to step in the right direction. The impact of eco-friendly gifts last longer and are surely more valued. Hopefully, the suggestions mentioned above will lead you to the perfect gift that will make your loved ones excited, happy and grateful.