If you have participated in the New World closed beta before, then you should know that there have been a lot of errors in the game at that time. In fact, the developer Amazon Games Studio is testing in advance to Buy New World Coins find these bugs and fix them. As we expected, Amazon found a large number of errors and decided to postpone the release of New World, so as to get more time to fix the game. However, recent discoveries by some players indicate that the work of the development team has not yet been done. They found a bug in the game-by dragging the game window to make the program enter the unresponsive state, the character can become invincible.

When the player releases the window and their character returns to the server's reality, their invulnerability ends and also the accumulated damage hits them just like the finale of a Fist of the variable point attack. As Kona points out, though, that does not make the exploit useless, because it can theoretically be accustomed become an unkillable presence on a capture point during PvP wars.

Two of PC Gamer's New World players tested the trick and confirmed that it works, a minimum of to a point. From the attitude of the New World Coins attacking player, damage is being dealt to the player using the exploit, but once they reach zero health they do not die, standing in situ until they jettisoning of the window. One among our testers was also ready to use the trick to leap off a cliff and so freeze in midair from the angle of the opposite player.

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Now that the exploit has been discovered by the community, many are calling on Amazon to either squash it or put a freeze on in-game wars. Otherwise, companies might use the exploit in battle to win territory and gain a big advantage. Because wars cost gold to fight and therefore the victor gets a heavy economic boost, there is a lot riding on them.

The window moving exploit is also a weird, one-off bug; it doesn't necessarily indicate a deep flaw in New World's client-server relationship. It's possible there are contexts where it is smart to create the player invulnerable while the client isn't responding. During this case, though, the benefit with which players can seemingly manipulate the client to their advantage is surprising. Exploits usually involve performing weird in-game patterns, not everyday Windows UI actions.

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