An Introduction of Different Materials of Pu Air Hose
The Pu Air Hose come in a range of materials, including rubber, polyurethane, PVC, and a hybrid blend. Traditionally, hoses were made of rubber, and they remain a favorite choice for good reason. Rubber hoses are durable, kink-free, and they maintain their flexibility in frigid temps. They're also among the heaviest air hoses, something to consider in your selection.

Polyurethane or "poly" air hoses are a lighter weight alternative, says RolAir. Considered a good all-rounder, poly air hoses tend to be 40% to 50% lighter than their rubber counter parts. They're also tough in changing temps and resistant to kinks.

If you're on a budget, PVC hoses are a fine alternative to rubber or poly air hoses. Best for warm weather, PVC hoses are lightweight and abrasion-resistant. They do, however, lack the flexibility of some of the other options.

Offering the best of both worlds, hybrid air hoses are composed of polyurethane, rubber and PVC. One such example is the NOODLE Hose from RolAir, which remains flexible in temps ranging from -40° to 150°F. Hybrid air hoses are also sturdier. Essentially, you get the flexibility of rubber coupled with the durability of PVC. However, hybrid hoses typically come at a higher entry price point when compared to other hose materials.

Pro Tip: If you’re working on interiors, choose a non-marking air hose to prevent scuff marks on walls and trim.

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