If you have played or heard about World of Warcraft, then you must be familiar with addons. Yes, World of Warcraft is too complicated in some respects, making it difficult for new players to accomplish one thing without the help of addons. When World of Warcraft players saw addons for the first time, most people thought that addons should not be used to reduce the difficulty of the WOW Classic TBC Gold game, which is very unfair to other players. But for more than ten years, addons have become part of the game, and many top players and professional guilds are using addons. If you don't want to fall behind other players and want a more relaxed gaming experience, then you should know some addons that are helpful to you.

But what are a number of the foremost important addons to own while playing World of Warcraft? Well, there are too many to count within the case of Shadowlands so during this article, we're visiting focus exclusively on TBC Classic addons. Plenty of the available addons are specialized and only worth finding out in certain situations, but there are some that you are going to require no matter your playstyle or class. These general all-purpose addons are those we're visiting cover here. Let's begin with the foremost obvious one.

Questie is handily one amongst the foremost important addons you'll have when playing Burning Crusade Classic. Even as its name suggests, this addon acts sort of a quest helper that shows important objectives and other useful information on your map. The addon doesn't just facilitate your complete current quests but also shows you where to search out quests you haven't discovered yet and even tells you their level requirements.

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That sort of knowledge is completely essential if you would like to level up at an affordable pace. Otherwise, all you have got to travel on is that the quest text found in your journal, which is commonly vague and/or not very helpful. Purists might say that not having access to the data provided by addons like Questie makes the quests more difficult and enjoyable. However, the reality is that it only makes them more annoying. The developers themselves realized this eventually, which is why later expansions have a built-in quest helper that works just about exactly like Questie.

Scrap (Junk Seller)
Yet another quality of life addon that's basically impossible to play without after you have got tried it once. Scrap automatically sells all of your junk items whenever you visit a vendor, a feature that ought to are available within the game by default if you ask us. Additionally, Scrap comes with the additional good thing about automatically repairing your equipment after you visit a blacksmith or another vendor that gives repair services. Scrap (Junk Seller) is fully compatible with other important add-ons associated with inventory management but does require you to download certain compatibility plugins in some cases.

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