Furnishing a single room poses several challenges, even if the room’s sole inhabitant has not accumulated too much stuff (yet). If you are about to furnish a single room, this article is for you.

#1 Get the bed in order first.

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed, and the most important element on the bed is its mattress. A single person will most likely invest in a single bed, unless they move into a furnished apartment that already has a double bed in it. Assuming that the bed is a single one, the user would obviously buy single bed sheets. However, ordinary cotton bedding will not do – one must buy anti-viral and air purifying bedsheets and comforters that keep one safe and protected from infectious viruses and greenhouse gases. Needless to say, these are harmful and pose grave health risks, so bedding that protects against them is always a great investment. Buy 100% cotton single bedsheets, matching pillow cover and comforter or dohar to match.

#2 Have runners or rugs next to the bed.

Rugs serve the purpose of keeping the patch of floor next to the bed protected from cold or hot weather. Imagine waking up early on a cold winter morning and putting your feet on an icy floor – it’s bound to jolt you awake in the most unpleasant fashion! Besides protecting your feet from extreme temperatures, rugs also define the bed area and enhance the room’s style quotient. You can buy some of the best runners or rugs online from premium home furnishing brands.

#3 Lighten up to make the room look larger.

Light plays a crucial role in making a room appear larger and more cheerful. Nobody likes to come to a dingy room with low lighting and dull looking bedding. Here’s a suggestion: invest in a few spotlights and have them fixed in the ceiling in a row near the door, to illuminate the room’s entry. This automatically sets up the room to look larger than it is. Next, have two stunning pedestal lamps set up next to the bed, one of either side to create a different zone of light in the night. If you can, enlarge the window frame to make the window a larger one, especially if it faces the North. Have net or lace curtains to lightly filter the light inside the room. And don’t forget to invest in pastel-coloured single or double bedsheets online to diffuse direct light and ‘throw’ it around the room. Another trick to make the room appear larger is to place mirrors in two diagonally opposite corners of the room.

#4 Create storage under the bed to declutter.

A single person’s room may be small in size, and it may appear smaller if there is clutter all over the floor. Clutter piles up amazingly quickly – shoes, bags, books, laptop bag, clothes and socks can pile up on the floor and on the bed. This often happens due to a lack of adequate storage in the room, and not everything can be stored away in the wardrobe. The best way to keep the floor free of clutter and stow your belongings away safely is to create a system of open and closed storage under the bed. One length of the bed can have open shelves for quickly putting away shoes and other odds and ends, while the other side can have deep drawers to store extra bedding and bath linen. Wall hooks can be used to hang clothes hangers and satchels.