When New World started to provide server transfer, I immediately activated this opportunity and entered a server that I liked better, but I felt that I was getting further and further away from the end of the game. The most intuitive is the level of the character. My leveling has become more and more difficult, and it still takes a long time to reach the upper limit of level 60.

I don't know how other players feel about the game, but after a long time of the game, New World gradually made me tired. I often get into a New World Coins state of nothing to do in the game and have to let it go. Three aspects of the game make me feel tired, you can continue to read the article to understand the details.

When upgrading the craft skill level, I often find that my plan cannot match the actual situation after the skill upgrade. Because you usually cannot use them directly after unlocking new materials, this design makes me feel very illogical. For example, when I want to make a certain fabric, I not only need high-level skills and materials, but I also need to temporarily collect a large number of lower-level two materials, which is difficult to do in high-level areas.

These obstacles are also flooded during the adventure. Many of the questlines I encountered in low-level areas have been interrupted, because they eventually point to various dungeons or adventure activities, some of which even have a limit on the number of challenges. In order to avoid failure, you need to spend a long time looking for a reliable team to get help. In fact, there is still the possibility of failure after adequate preparation. This way you will not only waste time, but also lose a lot of resource rewards that you could have obtained.

After experiencing transactions between players, I found that the items I collected during my adventure in the wild were rejected by the market, because the various items produced by the players obviously have better results and do not need to spend too much New World Coins. This can't help but remind me of the experience of playing Path of Exile. After I spent a lot of energy on killing the boss and getting a gear that I thought was very useful, I found a better alternative in the market and its price Far below the average price. In addition, I have spent a long time to Buy New World Coins complete a questline and look forward to obtaining useful weapons or armor. However, after completing these tedious quests, I found that the rewarded items could no longer meet my needs, because my level has been improved a lot.

As the player's level continues to increase, the number of quests that the player can accept decreases. This means that players quickly lose a major method of earning coins. If you are also one of the players of New World and are currently facing a similar dilemma, Newworldcoins.com can make your worries disappear. Because anyone can buy New World Coins directly from Newworldcoins.com.