At present, regarding the possible return of the popular FUT Ultimate Scream promotion of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, some possible players and the issue of when the promotion will start are being Buy FUT 22 Coins studied.

Since EA Sports abandoned the FUT Ultimate Scream promo in FIFA 21, whether it can return in FUT 22 has also become a question.

In the past few years, Halloween'Ultimate Scream' promo is one of EA's most popular FIFA Ultimate Team promotions. In FIFA 21, when EA released the'Rulebreakers' promo, many FIFA fans were disappointed.

And EA recently released a new'Trick of Treat' kit and stadium promo and stadium promo. This makes players look forward to the long-awaited return of the FIFA Ultimate Scream team in FIFA 22.

The Ultimate Scream and Rulebreaker promos is unique in the past compared to other promos. Each of their released cards is completely different from the original cards after being reconfigured.

Players’ favorite is the FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream promo. In the FIFA 19 version, players are released in the form of special items. These items can be regularly promoted throughout the FUT season.

Nowadays, who is the player who appeared in FIFA 22 Halloween promotional film has become a hot topic.

The above is some information you need to know about FUT Ultimate Scream promo, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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