As a hot game in recent years, Final Fantasy XIV has attracted a large number of fans. Every player who enters the game wants to upgrade quickly. FFXIV Gil can buy better weapons, exquisite hairstyles, exquisite mounts, and even their own houses for players.

There are many ways to Buy FF14 Gil in the game, but they all take some time and effort. There is no shortcut to make a player become the richest FFXIV player in just a few hours. Or, players can sell loot they don’t need to other players on the market committee. Players can also disassemble it, which will provide them with some crafting parts.

If the player is already on duty roulette and challenge logs, please continue to do what they are doing. Although most of the following FFXIV Gil production methods are more rewarding, these challenges provide a large amount of FFXIV Gil and do not take much time.

If players want to maximize the number of FFXIV Gil they get from Duty Roulette, make sure you are an adventurer in need. Tanks and healers are often in short supply, so using one of these courses will reward players with FFXIV Gil. Don't forget to replace your extra high-level rewards with unique equipment and items. Reselling these will provide players with an additional source of FFXIV Gil.