Now, corporate competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, especially since the industry is closely related to our lives. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the curtain industry has introduced high-end curtains and colorful curtains. In recent years, the climate has changed drastically and sunlight has become intense. In order to ensure the safety and health of our family life, it is necessary to choose good blackout curtains. But how do we determine the effect of optional curtains? Next, we will use purple blackout curtains as an example to tell you that we need to understand the factors related to the next shading.

We take woven imitation linen fabric in white and purple blackout curtains as an example. The study found that the shading effect is related to the following three factors:

First, the color of the curtains. Sunlight is emitted on curtains in different colors, different frequencies, and wavelengths, with different light projections. We found that the brightness of the transmitted light is purple lower than white. This shows that the darker the curtain, the better.

Second, the density of curtain fabric. The denseness and penetration of the fabric are strong, and the tightness of the curtain is greater than the brightness of the low-density curtain fabric. This shows us that the shading effect of thick fabric curtains will be better.

Third, the thickness of the curtains. In the case of a uniform curtain color, thicker curtains are less permeable than thin curtains. This shows that the thicker the curtain, the lower its transparency. Even this is the best shielding effect. Therefore, if you do not need too much sunlight, you can also choose thicker curtains to block sunlight from entering our room.

From these studies, we can find that the shadow effect is mainly affected by the progress color and thickness. When buying curtains, we can observe from these three aspects. Overall, the shade of the purple linen shadow effect is still very impressive.

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