An outdoor garden gazebo can completely transform any outdoor space, making it a usable and safe area regardless of the season. Our range of canopies incorporate everything that you need to create a usable, sheltered and aesthetic outdoor space. The benefits of outdoor canopies are numerous, and Miko Engineering can work with you to figure out the best one for your building or property. We’ve pulled together the top four canopy benefits to highlight how valuable of an addition they can be to your business:

Protection From Harmful UV Rays
Installing an outdoor canopy will help to provide protection and shade from the harmful UV rays for anyone using the outdoor area of your property or building. This will enable staff, customers or students to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors in the sunshine without any concerns, especially in the summer months.

Weather Protection
Another one of the benefits of outdoor canopies is how they enable outdoor spaces to be utilised all year round by protecting against bad weather conditions. Outdoor canopies are very popular in schools as they allow for children to be outside, whether it’s for play or outdoor learning. The reason why school canopies are often found in school grounds is because they create more space to be protected from the wet weather with many schools choosing to spend classroom time outdoors it widen pupils’ learning experiences. For offices or hospitals, an outdoor canopy enables staff to travel between buildings whilst remaining sheltered and dry, keeping both them and their equipment and documents dry. This can mean a more comfortable environment to work in, especially on rainy days.

Creates An Outdoor Shelter
Amongst the benefits of having an outdoor canopy is how they create a designated outdoor shelter. This space could be used as an outdoor classroom, playground or dining area allowing children to learn, play and eat outdoors. Outdoor lessons during the summer can reduce the need for air conditioning, helping to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

The space could also be used as a safe and covered waiting area for pupils, customers, staff and any visitors. Additionally, the outdoor canopy could be used for outdoor storage, where outdoor toys and furniture can be kept, meaning they don’t need to be brought indoors at the end of each day. In regards to retail, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor canopies can work to implement a social distanced queuing system for customers waiting to enter the store.

Add Value To A Property Or Building
Another benefit of having a canopy is how they can increase the value of a property of a building, without the hefty cost of an extension. An outdoor canopy allows a building to be extended creating a larger area of usable space, and can also be an aesthetic addition to a property or building. In residential properties, garden canopies are particularly popular as they allow people to be outside in the garden however still be protected from extreme harmful UV rays or any form of precipitation.

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