The 85-level rule-breaker version of Dante Santos from OGC Nice was added to FIFA 22 by EA Sports yesterday. To  Buy FUT 22 Coins get this item, please select the team building challenge menu in the game.

This is Dante's first special card in FUT 22. And the Rulebreakers promo will provide us with data upgrades, which can change the way we play with certain players, while reducing one skill and adding another skill that generally does not upgrade.

If the player compares this new card with Dante's level 76 gold version card, they will find that EA has greatly improved Dante's speed. In addition, his dribbling, physical and defense have all been improved. However, the developer took into account the factors of promotion and slightly reduced his passing attributes.

This card has received many upgrades compared to other rule-breaker cards released so far. If the player uses the shadow chemistry style, his speed and defense will increase. This also raised his technique to a new level of 94 defensive points, 89 speed points and 86 physical fitness points.

Playstation players are expected to spend about 96,200 coins for this SBC, Xbox players will need to spend 100,250 coins, and 100,500 on PC. If we want to complete this Rulebreakers Dante SBC, we must hand over six teams including Gold Squad, Brazil, 84-rated Squad, Rare Gold Squad, Ligue 1, and 85-rated Squad before November 7.

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