Many players complain that they often receive spam that affects the gaming experience in the game, but this is only a small part of New World's many problems.

For many MMORPGs, program errors or vulnerabilities are frequently encountered problems when new games are released. For this reason, the development team needs to spend a lot of time making patches to fix the bugs in the game, which is very clear to many players. The same is true for Amazon New World, the most popular this year, although the developers have repeatedly delayed the release of the game and adjusted the game to the best possible state. Under the test of the players, there are still many surprising security issues and errors that continue to appear.

Last weekend, the developers of New World released an official report in the gaming community. The article introduces some players who use improper input scrubbing to insert unauthorized Html code in the chat box. This vulnerability has a serious impact on the player's gaming experience, because the player can use a specific Html code to send a huge picture of the sausage to other New World Coins players via email in the game. There are also some players who enter the Html code in the chat box to display a huge yellow box above the character's head. This behavior seriously affects the vision of other players in the game. In addition, there has also been a New World Coins replication vulnerability that can be used on a large scale in the game. Before this problem is completely fixed, Amazon decided to directly stop all transactions in the game and ban all accounts that use the vulnerability. , To avoid the collapse of the economy in the game.

New World Community Manager added in the article that after the new fix is ​​launched, a series of problems caused by the Html code will be resolved, and players will no longer be able to abuse or use this feature to obtain illegal benefits.

After New World MMO released the 1.0.4 patch last week, there were also serious problems that caused the in-game economic system to Buy New World Coins be abnormal. Some players have posted in the gaming community to report the situation they encountered, and they were unable to obtain New World Coins from all transactions made after offline. For example, after the items they sell in Trading Post are bought by other players, the coins paid by the buyers disappear directly. In response, Amazon stated that the New World Coins data of all players who encountered the problem have been recorded, and that these players will receive their lost coins or items again after the problem is successfully repaired.

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