The Cooler Cart with Wheels is available in 80QT and 60QT volumes. In addition, the color of each product can be customized according to the requirements of customers, and the logo can be printed or pressed directly on the product. Fashion and high quality cooler cart, welcome to buy.

1. Packing instructions: legs and handle are inside the box
2. Color can be made according to your requirements
3. The pattern can be made according to your company requirements

Box, cover, feet, chassis material: 430 stainless
Internal material: PP
Features: Outdoor insulation
Wheel size: 3 inches, canlock 2
Holding time: More than 24 hours
Packing in struction: The legs,bottleopener.crosspiece are removed

Large Holding Capacity and the Thickest Insulation
This cooler can accommodate any party or occasion. This cooler compared to others has the thickest insulation hands down, comparable to refrigerator grade.

Convenient, Classy, The Party Center Piece
Our coolers are equipped with there own bottle openers, making any bottle easy to open so you will never having to worry about finding a bottle opener again. Not only that, but the attached cap catcher ensures you won’t have to spend time picking bottle caps off the ground! Also, on the side of the cooler there is a drainage plug to drain your cooler with ease!

If you want to purchase Metal Cooler Cart, send us messages!