Hertha Berlin midfielder Kevin Boateng has been launched as the content of the new FIFA 22 Players Moments SBC. The following will tell you how to complete it, including some requirements, final costs and solutions.

When Kevin Boateng was a member of Schalke 04, he scored amazing goals in the UCL 13/14 game against Barcelona.

Regarding his new card, there are very good numbers in terms of statistics, especially in terms of his shooting power.

After we have Buy FIFA 22 Coins completed a team building challenge, we will be able to unlock Boateng's new card. This requires at least one relevant player in the team, the team has a minimum score of 82 points and a minimum team chemistry of 75. In addition, the number of players is 11 people. The prize is a small Prime mixed player package.

In terms of completing the Bundesliga team, the number of Bundesliga players is required to be at least one, the team must have a minimum score of 84 points and a minimum of 70 chemical status. Finally, the team size requirement is 11 people. The prize is a small package of rare mixed players.

These are the solutions to complete Kevin Boateng's new Player Moments SBC in FIFA 22.

On Playstion, the player spends approximately 42,000 FUT 22 Coins to unlock the SBC. Xbox FUT 22 Coins players need 46,000 to run all of this. The final cost on the PC is about 47,000 coins.

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