Even when frustratingly shot in black and Moncler Jacket Mens white, you can see in silhouette and sensual aesthetic pragmatism echoes of Leoni's previous professional ports of call at Jil Sander and Celine.

A great learning from working on this project was compromise, as we had to manage creative differences to move forward from any roadblocks. Working to deadlines in such a busy environment was challenging too.There were many www.monclerjacketssale.com projects happening at the same time, so communicating what we needed succinctly was key. Overall, we didn't face too many challenges, thanks to the support of the teams.

Our voices are unique. They are the inimitable representations of what is true to each of us, and our purest form of self - expression. Moncler has always believed that to push the boundaries of creating the new you need to bring other voices in, as there is a great power in listening to what others have to say.

Craig Green understands that the importance of having "this idea and feeling translate to what is found in store" too, and so he funneled the collection's aesthetic and technical innovations into commercial jackets and knitwear featuring elements and fabrics that mimic details from the show collection.

We were working both with and against the water in the whitewater rafting images. Throughout the various videos, all the inspirations behind the collections designed by the various designers were thoroughly explained - all unequivocally belonging to the Moncler language but each personal in its own way.