As a sign of the times, Canada Goose parkas are the target of choice for this year's anti - fur rituals. Why Because even though fewer traditional full - fur coats are being worn these days, fur is now omnipresent in smaller items, accessories and trimmings. This has made fur much more affordable, and it is now being worn by more - and younger - people than we have seen in decades.

There was just something so bulky and big about it, I felt like it swallowed me whole. It made me appreciate my Goose more, and I loved that it's not the norm that everyone has! Not only in color but in shape. I always find random people stopping to compliment it, and I love it! I've also turned a few friends on to the style as it's really flattering, long and slim for a down jacket.

But for CG, they really take the wind - resistant thing to the next step. They have you covered on the zipper and button area, so there is no wind able to get through (you know, as most coats do), BUT here's where they go a step above. The flap for the buttons is so strong and durable that you can literally just button it and still not have to worry about the wind.

Upton, who stars in the collection's campaign, travelled to Churchill, Man., to visit the local PBI outpost and see the organization's work first - hand. For the self - proclaimed "animal lover" and champion equestrian (she competed at the national level when she was a teen), this partnership seems like an organic Canada Goose Outlet fit. "Conservation has always been important to me and even more now that I'm a mother," says the model, who gave birth to her first child in 2018.