Only one month after the release of New World,the New World game team published a lengthy blog post detailing the current state of the game.This article also addresses the concerns of some players and reveals some planned future changes.

The server queue was a big problem for the Amazon New World Coins game when it was released. Although this problem has now subsided on most servers, the team is still implementing a complete server state for the game. The goal that the old players do not need to line up behind the new players has been reached.

This change occurred after the server transfer feature was added, which allows all players to move to the server they want to go to. In the process, many already hot servers quickly flooded into a large number of players again. The article also details that if necessary, the game team may distribute further server transfers to players, but so far, the team only monitors the population of servers.

A big issue that players are concerned about has always been the economy of New World. Although it has been a topic that many people are discussing in the game community, the New World team explained that the economic operation of the server is still at "acceptable levels."

The team members stated in this article that the funds to create all servers are more than those removed, and their profits are high. However, the economy will become tighter in the final stage. They said that players should find that when their skill level is in the range of 1-35, the remaining income generated by the level will be very high. But in the range of 40-59 level, it is a considerable situation. When the player reaches level 60, it becomes more difficult to earn income. Therefore, as more and more players reach level 60, the pressure on the economy will also become greater.

This month, there will be a lot of changes to further stimulate the economy, including connecting all trading stations in the game, as well as increasing expedition rewards and fixing bugs. Moreover, some other changes have been implemented in the recent patch to help the final stage of the economy. For example, reducing the PVP durability penalty for advanced players.

We should keep looking forward to this, because New World is really a great game. Although it has had some problems recently, it is only in its infancy after all. All prospects are still unknown, and players still need to wait and see.

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