As bees continue to face serious population decline amid the climate crisis, realizing the benefits of their output has never been more urgent. And as the pandemic continues, the importance of caring for our immune systems is obvious. I'm typically a standard size 8, but in these I'm a whopping size 13. They aren't necessarily out-of-control wacky, because they're based on a familiar, pared-back sneaker.

Back in 2019, the two labels re-created Adidas's signature Superstar low-tops in a luxurious leather, as well as revamped Prada's iconic bowler bag. The shape was first released in spring 2000, but the collaboration lent it a sportier twist. Together, the duo were like a modern-day Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, in that they were all over each other and amping it up for the photographers. Their cohesive looks spoke for themselves though.

Overlooking Bryant Park, the midtown Manhattan space, which she ultimately landed on after touring some 40 buildings, is decked out with feel-good touches: an olive tree a trace of her Lebanese roots stands front and center; jars of color-coded gumballs are on offer for anyone in need of a pre- or post-treatment sugar fix; playful Gray Malin prints and paintings done by Dr. Idriss herself line the walls.

My colleague, fashion writer Christian Allaire, is one of the millennials who has long been in the market for an Epi piece, specifically a pochette that fits tightly under the Off White Clothing arm. He says it best. It is a very special experience to spend the senior year during the epidemic and the whole year is taught online. The biggest challenge for me was how to adjust my mentality in time to face the unpredictable.

At Courreges, even the baseball caps corresponded to the canary yellow ready-to-wear. At Bottega, Kelly green bags and shoes punctuated green outfits. But AdaLioryn has the invaluable support of her community, like Darius Khonsary, the designer behind the fine jewelry brand Darius Jewels, to whom she has sometimes turned for advice and encouragement. I remember showing her the first ring that I was working on, and she was like, 'Bitch, if you don't cast that in 18-karat gold,' she says.

There's a mystery to these pictures; they honor that strong, sensual, female energy we all possess, she says. It's about showing that side of yourself, and Craig did such a great job of capturing that. I remember having a pair with jeweled embellishments running down the back. It must have been around 15 years ago, but they were so sexy, says Hudson.