Aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of material that is widely used in building decoration and home design, and has a relatively unique function. However, when purchasing such products, people often do not know how to judge the quality of aluminum honeycomb panels because they do not understand all the details of the products. Below, Aluminum Solid Panel Suppliers introduces the purchase requirements of aluminum honeycomb panels:

1. Observe the details, the flatness of the board, whether it is warped or deformed, and whether the board is square, whether the identification such as the certificate, the protective film, etc. is fine? The key is the level of the product you need. You must be clear in your heart.

2. Feel the strength, toughness, elasticity, etc. of the board by pulling up the corners of the board. This involves the thickness of the aluminum and the core material. You can scratch the edge of the board with a blade. If the board is too soft, the aluminum thickness must be thin. Use If you scratch the edge of the board with your nails, whether there are any marks, etc., you can know the aluminum thickness you need.

3. Listen to the introduction of the sales staff, the quality of regular manufacturers, well-known brands, high prices, guarantees and promises for after-sales service, and formal invoices should be better.