When a player joins World of Warcraft for the first time, they need to make a choice that has a great impact on the subsequent gameplay - join the Horde or join the Alliance. With the arrival of TBC Classic, players will once again choose between two factions. This is what happens after the players arrive in Outland. Aldor and Scryers respectively control the two main areas of the city.

The faction that occupies the high platform on the west side of the city and the affiliated bank below is Aldor, and the race of this faction is Draenei. The faction with similar platforms and embankments in the southeast of the city is the Scryers, and this faction is all blood elves. When you join one of them, the more reputation you get in one faction, the more reputation you lose TBC Classic Gold in the other faction. Both factions can provide you with unique questlines and rewards.

But this is irreversible, so you cannot leave a faction halfway through and change your choice. So, you'd better not join any factions in a hurry. Consult other players or look for rewards from various factions on the Internet that are useful to your class. Then make a decision.

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Shattrath is the capital of Outland. When you first arrive here, you can accept a mission from a veteran at the entrance of the town. After talking to A’dal as required by the mission, you will begin to tour the town under the leadership of Khadgar’s servant and learn about the basic situation of different factions. In the following quest, you will be able to choose between the two factions. If you are not ready, you can enter the town and use some common infrastructure and services without going through this process.

It is recommended that you remain neutral until level 64, because you cannot submit repeatable reputation items until then, so you cannot quickly improve your reputation. But you can directly complete all the quests in the city and use the bank while remaining neutral. You can also buy any items you need from the merchant. Of course, this comes at a price. Although the banking business makes the player's adventure more convenient, you will also miss some faction-specific rewards, such as gears, enchantments, and recipes. You also cannot get specific faction flying mounts. So, please try to choose a faction you like at level 64 and join it.

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