Players can now switch between two magical weapons in a matter of seconds as a result of the New world coins update 1.0.5, which results in significant damage bonuses. Combat exploits, item duplication, and animation cancellation are among the issues addressed by the patch, which allows players to switch between two magical weapons in a matter of seconds while receiving significant damage bonuses in the process.

Furthermore, Amazon would prefer that representatives from currency merchants do not take part in any discussions about the game's currency, unless they are specifically invited by Amazon. Following the discovery of numerous reported accounts engaged in coin selling, restrictions on currency transfers and player-to-player trading have been implemented, which should prevent coin selling from occurring in the future or at the very least make it a much smaller problem than it is currently, at the time of writing.

Customers who have accounts that have an expiration date of less than 72 hours or have a level of less than 10 will be unable to participate in the trading process as a result of the expiration of the accounts in question. The decision to suspend coin merchants was made in response to the discovery that they were simply transferring their wealth to new characters despite the fact that they had been explicitly forbidden from doing so by the game's rules, which led to their suspension. For this reason, a portion of coin earnings from early objectives will be redistributed among players in an effort to discourage them from repeatedly completing the game's initial sections in order to resell coins on the internet. In addition, new accounts will not be able to use the trade post until they have successfully completed the introduction to the trading post questline, which should take approximately 30 minutes.

Following the completion of this task, it will be necessary to engage in combat with the enemy. In addition, a bug that allowed players to cancel the animation on primary magic weapon attacks has been fixed, allowing them to use the same weapon in both slots to be eliminated, which was previously impossible. As a result, players will no longer be able to use the same weapon in both slots at the same time, as they were able to do before. It has been discovered that some players were able to deal massive amounts of damage to bosses while switching between magic weapons as a result of the quick-swap magic weapon exploit. It is anticipated that these modifications will completely eliminate this exploit.

There is a map depicting the geographic range of ebonscale's species in the New World.

Apart from that, the current situation has brought about a few more significant changes that need to be addressed as a result of the current circumstances. Life Staffs' Orb of Protection healing spam has been nerfed as a result of the Aegis upgrade, as the AOE triggers have been removed, reducing the amount of healing they can spam. As a result of the change, the Resilient perk now only reduces critical injury damage rather than all damage, as opposed to its previous state, which reduced all damage. This is in contrast to its previous state, which reduced all damage. Because of this, passive buffs such as Bloodlust (Great Axe), Against All Odds (Hatchet), and Outnumbered (Warhammer) will no longer scale indefinitely as a function of the number of opponents in the immediate vicinity, which will have a significant impact on the PvP meta in New world coins.

It has been determined that duplication of items through crafting stations and storage sheds, as well as duplication of gold through territorial projects, will not occur in the foreseeable future due to a bug that has been fixed. It is hoped that the Amazon trading platform will not be forced to shut down its operations once more in order to prevent any further gold duplication exploits from taking place in the future.

Along with other changes, such as a slight reduction in the rewards for the losing team, the game's cost for attribute respects, weapon mastery respect, and chisels has been reduced. This is part of the updated Outpost Rush mode, which includes other changes as well as a slight reduction in the rewards for the losing team.