The New World public test area has been released, providing a lot of new content and updates for loyal Amazon game MMO players to explore and try. If the player is the owner of New World, you can install it from the player’s Steam library and allow the player to create a single character. Before players start testing new content, here are a few things players need to pay attention to when they start playing New World PTR.

When entering the New World PTR, players can choose from three starting levels, namely Level 2, Level 16, and Level 60. Which one the player chooses determines what kind of equipment the player gets and what kind of activities the player participates in. The player's starting level also determines the number of attribute points that the player can use at the beginning, and level 60 is obviously the most. No matter which level the player starts from, the player will have enough weapon mastery points to fill any New World Coins weapon tree.

If the player wants to experience the natural flow of the game through new mission types, new enemy types, and "new and improved" main storyline missions, players will start at the second level and get some good starting armors, weapons, and tool. If the player is interested in fighting the new hostile organization, the Varangian Raiders, the starting point of level 16 is for the player. Players will start with some improved weapons and armors, and even some packages to choose from.

If players want to try new endgame content, including a new legendary weapon mission series, starting at level 60 is the best choice for players. After the character is created, the player will have an almost overwhelming choice of weapons and armor to choose from. No matter which level the player chooses to start with, do not open all the game test boxes and bags they provide when the player spawns.

As unopened containers, they will Buy New World Coins take up about 5 pounds of space in the player’s inventory, but if the player opens all, the player’s inventory will be filled with thousands of pounds of equipment, weapons, consumables, gems, and tools. In fact, players can buy a lot of cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins, and then buy the equipment and items they want in the game to increase their advantage.