Standing poolside, Cardi B sported a pair of Chanel sunglasses that, well, were very Coco: the frames were XXL versions of the House's double-C logo. She continued the theme with a body-skimming spaghetti strap Chanel dress that was splashed with a surf print, a throwback to the Spring 2002 collection. Like many of the archival looks that Cardi B has worn in the past-remember this golden moment in vintage Jean Paul Gaultier-this piece is super sought-after and almost impossible to buy now.

Lemons's work was echoed on stage or vice versa in the IRL adaptation of choreographer Christopher Rudd's Touche, which stars Calvin Royal III and Joo Menegussi in a male-male pas de deux rarely seen in the world of classical ballet. The moving piece, which tracks the confusion and second-guesses of desire between two men, garnered a standing ovation. And earlier, the crowd absolutely loved La Follia Variations, the opening ballet from Lauren Lovette, who freshly retired from dancing with the New York City Ballet to focus on choreography.

That's what snags on things and holds the ribbons and threads. Her daughter, Milini, certainly inherited Khan's larger-than-life fashion sense. A crystal butterfly that adorns a perspex mule is pulled from AWGE's recurring butterfly motif, an homage to AAP Yams who had a giant birthmark on his face that we said resembled the butterfly, Rocky explains.

I had to Google her Golden Goose Sneakers name to check, because at first I wasn't sure if she was talking about the actual Cher. I was like, this can't be real. It's a provocative look but ultimately that's the point, she writes. There are no bright colors; there's no peacocking. It takes a second glance to realize that something is tweaked in the silhouette. I think the first one was Isabel Marant, or Vanessa Bruno, or one of these French brands.