It has been more than a month since Amazon Game Studios released New World. This is an MMO game with great potential. It draws some elements from classic games of this type, but also tries to break the norm. One of the most interesting features of New World is that it takes the war between different factions to another level, conquering and ruling settlements based on the tasks players want to complete in the area. This is thanks to the company, which is equivalent to the traditional guild in the game, which takes over any settlements they take over, and can choose to increase or decrease the amount of New World Coins collected for other players.

The core of New World is a game with many PvP, New World Coins plays an important role in the game. However, because of the Duplicate Gold Glitch, the economy of New World has a negative impact. Although Amazon Game Studios immediately took measures, players found that the economy of New World is still a problem.

Amazon fixed the duplication problem and started issuing bans to some players. However, some exploiters did not get permanent injunctions, but temporary injunctions. The result is that New World’s economy is still affected by repeated failures. The market price is still in an abnormal state. This has a great impact on many normal players. If the price is too low, the materials collected by the players will not be sold. If the price is too high, the players have not enough New World Coins to pay for the items they want.

Before Amazon Game Studios has released further remedies, if players want to get enough New World Coins, they can solve the problem by working hard to complete tasks or Buy New World Coins at IGGM.