North of these two cities is cheap OSRS GP a more mountainous, colder, and wetter area. These people would look similar to Celts, and are considered savages in the eyes of the southerners. These people look a bit like Fremenniks however they're hunters-gatherers living in smaller communities. They also have a conflict with two cities that lie to their south that are trying to expand in their territories. Jagex may want to raid the dungeons in this area.

I'm not sure the reason this is being forced upon us, but in a recent poll solo bosses got twice more support. It's possible that it will be an artisanal situation in which Jagex constantly polls players, and then they keep saying no. OSRS needs an OSRS-type solo boss with complex rules, like the QBD in 2012. I say "similar to the QBD" because it originally existed in the old combat system. It was simple however, it had a complex mechanic. Although I don't think the mechanics are identical, the dragon kiteshield might be a good drop.

There's no reason for me to even try to play again. I don't think there is anything that could make me desire to see the game repeated. I find the game to be boring enough that it doesn't make me want to continue playing. In fact, I've become bored of games in general that Fallout 4 isn’t even on my wishlist.

Although I've been tempted by the idea, I'm always able to change my mind. It's a bit crazy to think about how much Fallout is to me. Let me provide you with an example. I bought Skyrim several months prior to its release. I was looking at the Steam countdown so I could download the game as quickly as I could.

I played the game on the runescape 2007 gold day it was released. It was extremely disappointing to find that my laptop could not cope with it. So much so I bought a new gaming laptop so I could fully enjoy it and similar games. And I don't enjoy TES in the same way I enjoy Fallout. My preferences are shifting, and I don't like games as much.