Recently, Amazon is testing a new weapon called Void Gauntlet. It allows players to support their allies or attack the enemy, making it a DPS/support hybrid weapon. Amazon also hopes to add some types of enemies and new types of New World Coins enemies. Players will notice that there is a new team called Varangian Raiders in the game, consisting of loggers, scouts, knights, and archers. Players will be able to learn more about this new team through the new missions provided by Abigail Rose.

With the release of Void Gauntlets, players will get a new series of legendary weapon missions. After reaching level 60 and the highest skill level with the new weapon, look for Antiquarian Abbington in Reekwater to start the mission. But remember, players need to complete the Magaki strategy in Broken Mountain and the Legatus Fulvius mission series in Reekwater to qualify.

Amazon is testing three new faction missions. The task of the control point is to capture the location of interest in the fortress, the interception is about defeating members of the enemy faction and collecting their tears, and the spoils of the war camp need to capture the hidden plan in the enemy's war camp. In addition, almost all PvP missions are reset on death instead of being confiscated, and poaching missions have been removed "in order to better guide PvP missions."

Amazon said that everyone who owns New World will automatically access the secondary PTR application. The developer stated that PTR is not compatible with live games, so players need to download a separate client. Players will experience a special world in the supported area. However, not all regions will be supported initially. Visits follow the New World Coins Buy principle of first-come, first-served. Therefore players may need to line up.

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