Low Voltage Light Wholesalers introduces the purchase requirements of LED lights:

1. Look at the packaging: The product packaging and outer packaging of genuine LED lights should indicate the rated voltage, voltage scale, rated power and other information, as well as trademarks and related certification marks; the trademarks on the outer packaging are of good printing quality, the fonts are clear, and they are not easy to fall off. Even with a soft damp cloth, the trademark is still clearly identifiable; the printing quality of counterfeit and inferior product trademarks is poor, and the font is staggered. Some product trademarks can be wiped off with a damp cloth; in addition, the outer packaging of some inferior products does not have printed trademarks and relevant certification marks.

2. Product appearance: the appearance of the tube LED light adopts three primary colors, and the color of the tube is whiter. After covering it with your hand, the color will appear whiter; it also depends on whether the appearance of the LED light is cracked or loose, and whether the interface has been pried. If so, it is declared that it is a low-quality product; genuine LED lights will not be loose or tilted during installation and disassembly; consumers can also distinguish the quality of the LED lights through the shell material. The plastic shell of the genuine LED lamp is made of flame-retardant material, with rough texture, similar to frosted glass; the inferior product is made of popular plastic, with a smooth and shiny appearance.

3. Working status: look at the working temperature. Under working conditions, the temperature of the LED lamp will not be too high and can be touched by hand. If the purchased product has a high fever during the work process, affirm that there is a problem with its quality. In addition, if the LED light flashes, it also affirms that its quality is defective.

Through the above introduction, Solar Motion Sensor Light Wholesalers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.