The requirement of a manufacturer is a quick sale of the products. A lot of planning goes into the marketing strategy. And a lot of factors are short-listed. But there is something that most manufacturers miss. And this is the appearance of their product during display. In business and marketing, there is one universal law. That is, even if your product is average or low-quality. An accurate packing makes it worth watching. A box is one of the common packing products around. In essence, it is the most popular as well among other products.

With the advancement in life, boxes have been divided into new types. One of the box types is a Rigid Boxes. This box is known for only two prime features. These include safety and security. As the name suggests, a rigid support is what the box offers. The structure brings the necessary strength which keeps your product safe. A large number of industries use these boxes to transfer products. It is all about the peace of mind which these boxes offer. 

Safety and Security 

From above, this box has two primary traits on offers. These are safety and security for your product. But how is this possible? These boxes make use of the best material so there is no compromise on strength. A rigid structure is known for its long-lasting effect. Thus, if you store a product in such boxes, all you get is the ease of mind. 

But this is not all. Such boxes offer additional features as well. For example, such a box comes with a pre-built tight locking aspect. This offers additional security for your product. A tight locking offers tight-packing so your products remain safe. 

Material Choices 

Whenever considering to make or purchase a Rigid Box, keep some facts in the mind. Such a box is known for its rigidness. In addition, rigidness means stiffness and more strength than usual. What most sellers try to do is provide a poor box that uses poor material. And in this, a customer becomes a fool and never understands the true meaning of this box. 

Moreover, if you consider starting a manufacturing unit to produce such boxes. Keep some facts in the mind too. These boxes make use of only two materials. However, one material is known as primary and one as secondary. Here is a brief difference:

  • Corrugated material is a primary material for such boxes. This is because this material has double layers which offer good thickness. Thus, if your product falls, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Kraft material is a secondary material for such boxes. This material is ideal for low-weight products. Good thickness and stiffness are what this material offers. Again, use this material only for light products. 

The Use of Such Boxes 

Considering all the plus points of these boxes. It is time to discuss the use and importance of such boxes. Considering in mind the prime features of these boxes i.e. safety and security. There is a bulk of usage for such boxes. 

·         Glass Industries 

All glass manufacturing industries make use of these boxes. This is because of the safety they have on offer. The corrugated paper offers good thickness. This prevents damage to your product in case of a drop. 

·         Electronic Gadgets 

All electronic gadgets require flawless packing. This is to ensure utmost safety. So that once the product is with the customer, there is no damage. TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, and other electronic gadgets cannot afford damage. So these boxes solve the arising issue. 

·         Commercial Appliances 

Commercial appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, toasters, and juicers, etc. require good packing. This is to ensure that such valuable and expensive items do not suffer damage. Thus, these boxes have another customer waiting. 

·         Office Supplies 

This might be surprising for you all. But this is arguably the most important use of such boxes. Office supplies are always transferred in bulk. Papers, stationery, printer, and fax machine, etc. require one-way transfer. For this, a large box is utilized and transfer is done easily. Another name for such a box is Book Boxes

Two Primary Customization Hacks 

Although such boxes do not require a large number of customization and modification. However, you can make use of two great ideas for your ease. Here is what you can do more with your box.

·         Added Thickness 

Corrugated material offers a great amount of thickness already. But if you need more thickness for your satisfaction. It is easy. All you need to do is consult your supplier and ask him to add another sheet to each side of the box. 

·         Padding 

The security that this box offers is one thing. But your satisfaction is another. For this, you can use padding material such as soft cotton. Soft cotton is ideal for keeping your box extra safe. Add this cotton along with your products and remove every uncertainty. 

If I have a bulk of time, I can write a lot about the importance of such boxes. But it is time you shift to these boxes to get an insight. Claws Custom Boxes is a leading company offering collapsible boxes and book boxes that can be customized in any shape, color and design. Their happy customers’ feedback will help you out to find out the best about them.