In addition to redesigning and updating the current roles and job categories of the game, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will also add a lot of new content to MMORPG. The official release date of the expansion has been moved to December 7, and Early Access is tentatively scheduled for December 3. Prior to the release of Endwalker, Square Enix announced details of its work actions and changes in party roles. As the game is still under development, some of these changes may be changed before Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is released.

The previous increase in the upper limit of Final Fantasy XIV usually coincides with the task of unlocking more skills for the character. In Endwalker, no additional work tasks will be added, but new role tasks will be provided for each of the five team roles. Players will get FFXIV Gil in return for completing the task. Most Final Fantasy XIV jobs will adjust the main skill recast time to 60 seconds or 120 seconds regardless of the role. Ideally, these changes in skill cooldowns will make it easier for players to synchronize team-wide gains and more.

The Final Fantasy XIV tank role will have some changes to balance the competitive environment between the four jobs, for example, each person’s unique gap narrower is given a 20 yalm range. The damage reduction buffs used at the best time will bring greater benefits, so this should encourage the tank to remember to use these moves. Long-range attacks will no longer break the melee combination of tanks, a very good quality of life is changed to Final Fantasy XIV, and other additional content. The developer also stated that at the same item level, there will be equality between the physical and magical damage attributes of weapons, and the resulting changes in action effectiveness.

Parity essentially refers to balance, players may not have to worry too much, because it just provides more balance and simplicity for the device. Some tank weapons in Final Fantasy XIV have both physical and magical damage attributes, although the tooltips in the game may not necessarily show it. For example, the classic Curtana Zenith, a Paladin sword with an item level of 90, has 46 physical damage and 35 magic damage. Now, players can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil at IGGM.